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Strength + Wellness Coaching for Your Body, Mind and Soul

You deserve a safe, nurturing space where, together, we can unpack your challenges and design a unique, customized health and fitness plan specifically for you. 


We'll incorporate specific tools, such as dynamic movement, meal planning, and therapeutic practices, to establish an individualized program that will also be effective and flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. 

I provide a unique combination of resources, guidance, enthusiasm, care, and support that will help you to achieve your wellness goals more easily. 

Organic Vegetables

Meal support :

  • Where to shop

  • Know what to buy

  • Eat yummy foods

  • Nourish your body

A Little Bit About Me

Hi, there!  I'm Pamela!


Although I've always considered myself an "active" person, my commitment to self-care and wellness has definitely had its ups and downs.

In my past, as many do, I've let my priorities and healthful habits slide when life has thrown me curve balls.

After experiencing a lot of loss and some significant health issues, I committed to reclaiming my life and my best health.

Throughout my journey, I've developed quite the "toolbox" of life experiences and wellness resources, and now I'm enjoying sharing fitness, nutrition, and wellness with others.


Flexible Options


If meeting face-to-face works best for you and you're in the Santa Cruz area, we can easily arrange a location for us to meet in open space where you can get exactly what you need from your session while we practice physical distancing. 


If you're currently outside the Santa Cruz area or prefer to meet from the comfort of your own home, I offer all of my coaching services online through Zoom, so we can still connect face to face and you can get exactly what you need to help you reach your goals without having to wear a mask or worry about physical distancing.

Book a Free Consultation

I like to begin every new client relationship with a complimentary

30 minute session.  This gives us each the opportunity to get to know one another and to establish a connection that will be foundational for our work together, should you choose to hire me as your coach.

We'll come together to review your past challenges, your current struggles, and your goals for the future.  I'll provide you with some resources and an opportunity to experience what it would be like to work together and have my support on your wellness journey.

You are

worth it






Cultivate healthful habits


self care


Build your toolbox


Move your body  +
feel good doing it

Green Vegetables

Brain Food

Contact Me

If you have any questions, would like to request a free consultation, or would like to book a service, please contact me!


Thanks for submitting!

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