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Yoga teacher training week 2

2nd week of yoga teacher training has not been as overwhelming as last week. Thankfully. Still intimidating, scary, exciting, fun, and lots of other emotions. I'm still finding my rhythm with studying, practicing, journalling, my other work, eating, sleeping, etc. I've been able to keep the roller coaster of emotions to a much smaller cycle that is somewhat manageable.

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I'm still playing catch-up with my assignments, and that's just the way it is. There will be days I can commit more time to studying and will get everything done. There will be days I won't be able to do more than a couple hours, if that, and I'll be "behind". It helped hearing that other students were in exactly the same place. I'm passing all the quizzes with at least 80% scores, so I know that I'm understanding the info.

We had our first teaching practicum yesterday. We broke out into groups of 4 and taught each other an assigned sequence. Other than being tongue tied, forgetting all alignment cues, and not remembering the names of any of the poses, I think I did ok. It will all come together in time. I am definitely learning how to practice patience with myself.

Part of why this week has been better is because I've had a couple really great yoga classes outside of training where I was able to see my progress in the last year. I got deeper into poses than I have been able to do previously, and was able to hold an arm balance pose for almost 2 seconds. I am seeing the increased flexibility and strength, as well as being able to literally laugh at myself when something doesn't go quite as planned.

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