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Yoga teacher training week 4 keep going

It's the end of week 4 of yoga teacher training. I'm actually just about done with all my lessons for the week - first time. :) As far as the training goes, I've actually had a pretty mellow week. I've been able to really focus on the lessons and not give much attention to the insecurities that have been coming up regularly. We had a really good live session that talked about this, and every single one of the 20 people attending felt the same way. Even the people already teaching were feeling like they weren't good enough to be doing this. That definitely helped to put things in perspective.

I even managed to hit some goals in my own practice, going further into poses and achieving poses that previously I didn't. One more week and then we have a 2 week break. Of course, there are assignments to finish, and a couple live classes to attend during those 2 weeks, so it's not really a break after all. I'll just keep taking care of myself and breathing through the physical and emotional pain. Yoga is a practice, so I just need to keep practicing.

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