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Yoga teacher training week 5 halfway there

End of week 5 of Yoga Teacher Training. I'm officially on break! Halfway through the program. We have a 2 week break, although there are 2 classes to attend, a midterm to take, and a lot of work still to finish. It'll just be easier to get it all done now.

Uttanasana - forward fold

This week has been a tough one emotionally. The "I'm not enough" voices were screaming at me a lot this week. I'm not flexible enough to do that, so how can I possibly teach it? I'm not young enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm not good enough. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. I really thought I'd gotten these voices under control, however they seem to have found the volume button on the remote control.

This weekend is about self-care. I'm not quite sure how running a half marathon tomorrow is self-care, however it will certainly provide plenty of time for meditation, reflection, and conversation with myself. hahahaha I am taking a few days off from studying so that I can refocus on why I'm doing this and why I am enough. I AM a deserving, brilliant, grounded woman loving myself and believing in miracles every day!

My Yoga Teacher Training is MY journey. It's not about how I compare to the other students. It is about me learning so many amazing things about myself. It is about me challenging myself. It is about me learning how to work with those negative voices when they just won't leave me alone, instead of fighting them. It is also about me getting more flexible physically and mentally.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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